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Intervention of Mons. Samir NASSAR, Archbishop of Damascus of the Maronites (SYRIA)

The Churches of the East have coexisted with Islam for fourteen centuries despite difficulties and challenges, with ups and downs, often bound up with political problems and the Eastern-Western conflict especially since the Crusades (11th - 13th century).
Along this long common road let us try to see the glass as half-full:
A reciprocal enrichment is developed each day:
The Muslims’ devotion to prayer, to youth, to charity
To pilgrimage, urging Christian neighbors to practice more.
The nearness of Christians to the Gospel leads Muslims to reflect upon a critical reading of the Koran, for example.
Of course, dogmatic dialogue is not there, but daily dialogue guarantees a coexistence which has lasted for fourteen centuries.
There are initiatives that can be undertaken in a non-religious system, such as is the case with the Syrians. We were able to do things together with the Muslims during the Year of St Paul in 2008-2009, by means of art, theater, culture, and sport.
Concerts of mixed religious chants.
Exhibitions/displays of paintings and icons.
Athletics tournaments and marathons.
Conferences, interviews, photo stories.
Support of first-century archeological sites
Films and pieces interpreted by both Christian and Muslim actors. One in which the person who played St Paul was a Muslim.

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