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Intervention of Mons. Antoine AUDO, Bishop of Alep of the Chaldeans (SYRIA)

Special care in the spiritual and intellectual formation of future priests
I Formation
Despite the decrease in the number of vocations, test the candidates before admitting them to seminary.
Form the seminarians in the profound sense of each liturgy and being able to open to the universality of the Church. In theology, base oneself on Vatican II, to answer the question on modernity in the Arab-Muslim context, giving special attention to the correct use of the Arabic language. Finally, following and according to the advice of Benedict XVI, give importance to a doctrinal formation that is stable and living, translating it into daily life. The pastoral dimension: to learn to preach, to teach catechism, to accompany families, to listen to confessions, these are all vital elements in formation.
II Pastoral and spiritual accompaniment during the practice of priestly ministry.
A. To watch that the priest is moved by the passion of proclaiming the good news.
B. To ensure a quality in permanent formation.
C. To dispense means of re-reading the pastoral service and spiritual and human progress (yearly retreats, sessions, etc...). To remember that the priest is first of all a man of God.
III Confidence, transparent accountability
a. To look objectively at the needs of priests, and to reach a transparent accountability of the diocese which helps develop trust between priests and the faithful.
B. That the Congregation for the Eastern Churches help each Patriarchate and diocese in creating a system of health insurance and retirement plan. The resources are there, competence and rigor are missing.

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