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Intervention of Mons. Youhanna GOLTA, Titular Bishop of Andropoli, Curia Bishop of Alexandria of the Copts (EGYPT)

Relationships with the Orthodox Churches in my country:
They are our roots, our ancestors, they were the ones who fought to defend Christian faith and maintain it for us up until today. They offered the martyrs, saints, great theologians. In consequence of this, the unity of the Church, which is the Church’s prayer, always remains the hope of Christian history.
Relationship with Muslim citizens:
The Middle Age left us with bitter fruits made up of hatred and contempt, a real tragedy.
Could we all, together, Christians and Muslims write a new page in history, of love, of respect and of forgiveness to build together for the future generations a future without tragedy.

[00083-02.03] [IN062] [Original text: French]


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