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Intervention of H. B. Ignace Youssif III YOUNAN, Patriarch of Antioch of the Syrians (LEBANON)

The word “Truth” in Arabic “haqq” means also “Law” (what is a duty). Is this not a significant coincidence that there is a very close amalgam between “Truth” and “Justice”?
For the past 2000 years, and especially during the last 14 centuries, the Christians having become a minority in their own lands were harshly tested in their witness of faith, to the point of martyrdom.
Our beloved Savior, before his last offering, defended the Truth, synonym of the unalienable right of a person to freedom, all while proclaiming His salvation for all, even to those who opposed His message of ineffable and universal love.
Our salvation lies in adhering courageously to His message, and, to proclaim, without fear the Truth in true charity.
Our faithful, who have the right to hope in this tormented Middle Eastend region, expect a great deal from this Synod. It is up to us to give them reasons for their faith, inseparable from Hope in our beloved Lord who assures us: “Do not fear, little flock”.
In living faith like this of one heart and one soul, we will learn how to bear witness together and with courage to He who said “I am the Truth and Life”. Only Truth can free us.

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