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Intervention of Mons. Georges BOU-JAOUDÉ, Archbishop of Tripoli of Lebanon of the Maronites (LEBANON)

The Instrumentum laboris barely mentioned the role of laity in the church and their relationship with the clergy and the bishops.
In the Maronite Church, the lay persons have always participated in the life of the church through the means of Marian brotherhoods.
At the same time, the laity was always entrusted with the management of the material goods and properties of the church; others, ordained as deacon assistants helped with the relations with civil authorities.
New movements were born, inspired by these foundations in the West. Some were inculturated in the Eastern Churches, and others not yet.
The World Youth Days gave birth to groups and commissions for youth in the dioceses.
A Congress of lay persons was held in 1997 in Lebanon, convoked by the Prefect of the Apostolate for the Laity in Rome. Another is being prepared today by decision of the Eastern Catholic Patriarchs.

[00096-02.03] [IN072] [Original text: French]


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