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Intervention of Mons. Georges KAHHALÉ ZOUHAÏRATY, Titular Bishop of Abila Lysaniae, Apostolic Exarch for the Greek-Melkite Faithful living in Venezuela (VENEZUELA)

With reference to numbers 43 to 48 of chapter 4 regarding the topic of “Emigration”, it is very important to consider: What will the future of this phenomenon of the exodus of thousands of families and persons to other countries be ? In emigration countries we are already in the third or fourth generation. It is a great human potential of the Middle East that is especially lost to the countries of origin, especially the Holy Land. From the religious point of view: What can a few Bishops or Apostolic Exarchs and a limited number of priests do when faced by a sea of Emigrants settled in new countries?
Our proposal is different:
- Help by the Holy See and Heads of Government of the region of the Middle East to create an atmosphere of pacification and justice so that various families return to their countries of origin, especially those who have left their land starting from the second half of the past century.
- We, the Emigrants of Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and allow me to say it, Egypt, will always love and be close to our land of origin: there are numerous men and women who could give a scientific , economic and religious impulse as they are doing in the countries that have welcomed us with open arms and with generosity.
- Local Churches of the Latin rite have greatly helped our children in several countries. I think that the time to get more organized has arrived, to coordinate our efforts as Eastern Catholics, in order to preserve our liturgies and traditions working in a climate of Ecumenicalism with our non-Catholic historical Orthodox brothers and different t historical Churches, by helping, this way, the Universal Church from which we all belong to face the strong challenge of the sects and some of the mass media financed by the international anticlerical power.
- The Oriental Church in the Emigration countries, especially in the New World, can enrich with its liturgy, the theological and patristic vision of the West. Some Episcopal Conferences, aware of the role of these Churches, have supported their claim in order to preserve its Apostolic property.

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