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Intervention of Rev. F. Boulos TANNOURI, Superior General of the Antonine Maronite Order (LEBANON)

The socio-political situation in the Middle East is not going to get any better. As a result, emigration will remain the easiest choice to get away from such a situation. The Church must not limit herself to a purely human logic, but, on the contrary, inspired by the Gospel, she must point out the right choice even if it is difficult: “Enter by the narrow gate,” says the Lord. It is the duty therefore of the Church to educate the faithful and accept the cross and carry it with dignity. But teaching is not the only way to strengthen the faith and hope of the faithful. Inspired by the example of the prophet Jeremiah who buys his cousin’s field when the Holy City was besieged, thus the Church is called on to carry out acts of this type: prophetic acts that give hope to the faithful.

[00114-02.02] [IN088] [Original text: Italian]


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