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Intervention of Mrs. Rita MOUSSALLEM, Member of the Focolari Movement (Works of Mary) (LEBA¬NON), auditor

The Work of Mary or the Focolare Movement has been present in the Middle East since 1967. It is rooted in the local culture, in close communion with the universal Church and the local churches, under the care and blessing of the local Patriarchs and Bishops. It has about 15,000 members and adherents among Catholics of different rites.
Encouraged to continuously re evangelize by close contact with the Word of God, the Movement seeks to address the pains and challenges of the Middle East in light of this. Following the teachings of the Church, its members are committed to witness to the Gospel in the society where they live. The spirituality of communion that characterizes it brings the experience of the Risen Lord among His people, who inspire courage in the face of innumerable challenges. More than a few families, tempted to emigrate, strengthened by the support of the community have decided to remain in their own countries to build a better future together. Many courageous stories of forgiveness and reconciliation provide encouragement for many. Jesus crucified and abandoned, an inexhaustible source of love and new life, is for his members the answer and the way, the indispensable means to spread a culture of the Resurrection.
Many Orthodox brothers share this spirituality with the Catholic members of the Work of Mary. Each one comes into their own church, strongly bound by the love of Christ, they live and work together for the realization of the testament of Jesus, “may they all be one.” (Jn 17:21)
With some Muslims and Jews one may have a deep experience of dialogue about life and the religious experience, living and working together for universal brotherhood and peace.

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