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Intervention of Mr. Naguib KHOUZAM, General Supervisor of the SETI Center - Caritas Egypt (EGYPT), auditor

I suggest that the title be Christian contribution: a qualitative, distinct, and indispensable contribution.
In paragraph 115, in the social field our most important witness is the freely given love for the human being and this can be seen in the educational and academic institutions: schools and universities, associations and developmental institutions and economic projects, training centers, healthcare centers. All of it must be open to all without discrimination of gender or creed or social and economic level which focus above all on the poorest and the marginalized.
I suggest that there be a call to do all we can to make these contributions “distinct”, and herein lies the witness that the Catholic Church offers and this requires concentration on:
1. Quality through working to guarantee a quality assurance through specific agreed-upon criteria and measurable indicators which tell the quality of these contributions, and also through monitoring and continued evaluation. And all this accompanies the spirit of the call for perfection.

2. Empowerment through supporting our partners who cooperate with us and good division and delegation of responsibilities, through the continuous establishment which focuses on the spirit of work plus the necessary capabilities for work.
3. Accountability through transparency and establishing a clear basis and practicing the rewards and sanctions, and this accountability must be practiced on all levels.
Proposed recommendations for the Catholic Church witness in the social world:
1.That the Church declare war, in the sense of war, on poverty and ignorance, with all possible means.
2. That the Church do everything possible to realize equality and justice, and defend human dignity and rights for each and every human being.
3. That the Church work to help new generations and youth to be committed to the service of their country through the development of society, and thus instill in them a sense of responsibility and a spirit of giving.
4. That the Church take into consideration all of its contributions in the social field: quality, empowerment and accountability.

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