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Intervention of Rev. Sister Karima TAMER HENDY AWAD, R.B.P., Provincial Superior, Religious of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd (EGYPT), auditor

The Church in the Middle East is more concerned than others in the conservation of its main vocation which consists in the development of holy vocations, and this, because the proclamation of the Gospel set out from the East and it was here in the East, in the deserts of Egypt, that the first seeds of vocations and the beginning of heremitic life, the source of monasticism, with its great founders: Anthony, Macarius and Pacomius. The revival of apostolic vocations comes from the heart of the identity of each congregation and spirituality. The Church is conscious of the many needs of the world and of the apostolic role she must play: this is why she is concerned with the revival of vocations, as well as their discovery, and asks our congregations to present this apostolic work and gives her the right to acknowledge herself with respect and distinction. The Church is also convinced that Christ Himself calls upon whoever He wishes to, because He continues to call today as He did yesterday and uses us to deliver His message to hearts. The aim of the revival of vocations is to help young persons in discovering their own vocations in Christian life, be it on the level of marriage or monastic life, and to discover the means to answer this call. If the young person discovers his vocation to consecrated life, the Church must help him in choosing a certain mission. This means that the Church must help the youth in discerning God’s will and His project in their lives. In fact, young persons look for a solid spirituality, but they are faced with the problem of the absence of criteria concerning the values and behavior to be followed today. There is a deep chasm between the scientific development of youths and their psychological, Christian and emotional development, and this is because of the dissolution of the family. This is why the discernment of vocations has become an issue. So the revival of vocations must be ecclesial, that is to say, inserted in an integrated pastoral program, open to all vocations and concerning the monastic and priestly communities.

[00124-02.02] [UD005] [Original text: Arabic]


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