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Intervention of Mr. Jacques F. EL KALLASSI, Director General of “Télé-lumière” and President of the Management Committee of “Noursat” (LEBANON), auditor

Information is the first power - weapon of the century - the primary origin of knowledge.
- The urgent need to create a new and universal strategy of information.
- Information has the duty to teach the Christian and Muslim youths.
- To nourish the spirit of acceptance of others - to nourish the spirit of freedom - freedom of the thought - freedom of expression - freedom of women.
- The fact of divulging the information that Christians are a minority has as a goal not only to make Christians leave the East but also suppresses Christian civilization in history.
- Information is the door to change.
- The first door to change and to prosperity lies in taking care of the human being.
- Information must say that religions and States, as well as regimes, all must be at the service of man and not man at their service.
- Information must show that Christian presence in the East is not for ourselves, but is a faithfulness to our own homelands and a communion with others and an openness to them.
- Information must show that each people has the right to know their own heritage and historical culture and to conserve it.
- Information can put limits to violence and terrorism - to security violations - to drugs and to the culture of death - to violations against nature.

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