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Intervention of Mons. Clément-Joseph HANNOUCHE, Bishop of Cairo of the Syrians, Protosyncellus of the Syro-Catholic Church in Sudan (EGYPT)

The world progresses and develops at great speed thanks to modern scientific technology. This progress has produced the phenomenon of opening that has brought the world towards strong contradictory tensions: progress and underdevelopment, acceptance and rejection. As for the Middle East: it was neither ready nor prepared to deal with this revolution. This has caused many problems in family life, many failures, along with a turning away from the faith; the existence of a conflict in man between faith and the world today.
The Church has discovered that the problem commences with the family where the children are not oriented in a life of prayer, nor in regular participation in church, nor in ecclesial activities. But, on the contrary, families sow in them the desire for a quick profit and at all costs the quest for a luxurious life accompanied by the loss of Christian moral values.
For this reason, the Church has gone in search of lost sheep, with patience and perseverance, full of love. Encourage and accept the participation of the lay faithful, because they contribute to the work in the field of the Lord.

[00028-02.03] [IN007] [Original text: Arabic]


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