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Intervention of H. Exc. Michael LANGRISH, Bishop of Exeter (UNITED KINGDOM)

I bring Greetings from His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury. We are mindful of the emigration of Christians in much of the Middle East and of the circumstances which can make it difficult for them to remain and flourish. This is a situation about which there is too much ignorance among Christians in the West. Anglicans seek to play their part, alongside the historic churches of the Middle East in raising the awareness of governments and the media as well as their own members. We seek to join together in a prophetic re engagement with the scriptures, assured of the hope and truth of the incarnate Word of God. These matters were discussed by the Archbishop and Holy Father during the recent Papal visit to the UK. Through study, prayer, advocacy, pilgrimage, and through drawing the Eastern Catholic Churches as fully into our ecumenical dialogue as our Orthodox brothers and sisters, we seek to grow in our ability, by God's grace, to hold fast, in the one body, to the one Lord by whom we are called and sanctified.

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