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Intervention of Mr. Epiphan Bernard Z. SABELLA, Associate Professor of Sociology, Bethlehem University (PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES), auditor

The model of the 12 disciples of Jesus who went out to preach the good news should be our model in the Churches of the Middle East. Their "plan of action" was the witness for the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And so is our "plan of action" today. The Church in the Middle East is made up of a multitude with different rich traditions, liturgies and potentialities and together we are called to have a joint plan of action that speaks to:
1) Peacemaking in the region so as a just and lasting peace for the Arab Israeli conflict would see a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital living in peace with itself and with its neighbors. We also need to work for the peace within our societies.

2) The social, economic and cultural inequities which result in poverty, unemployment and despair to millions of our compatriots. We base our intervention on the social teachings of the Church and link up to efforts on the Millennial Development Goals of the UN. His Holiness Pope Benedict has warned us of idols, such as unrestrained capitalism with its profit motif. Our region is at the same time the richest and the poorest in the world.
3) Emigration and immigration: Attention is needed to particular groups especially highly educated and skilled youth who can compete for jobs on the world market and who are likely candidates to emigrate. We need them to invigorate the Church and we should work towards their involvement. At the same time, we should respect the human rights and dignity of immigrants who come to work in the Middle East.
4) The vision of the future for our societies and region that is based on equal citizenship, similar opportunities, Human Rights and social justice.
The Churches need to provide a leadership model that is empowering to the Church communities themselves and to their societies. We should all go from here empowered by the Holy Father to develop strategies that would at the same time be of service to our Churches and respective Societies. The model of the first disciples should give us hope as well as the support of the Universal Church.

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