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Intervention of Prof. Agostino BORROMEO, Governor-General of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (ITALY), auditor

This intervention is focused on the theme of emigration (no.43 48 of the Instrumentum Laboris). It is apparent that the phenomenon of emigration in Middle Eastern countries is determined by factors which the Church itself cannot influence as properly underlined in no. 44. In addition to the traditional aid to the Churches, one could nevertheless seek to put create new strategies for the betterment of living conditions for Christians.
I will cite some examples: 1) the construction of social housing; 2) the creation of medical clinics at locations far from hospital centers; 3) the concession of micro-credit, especially for financing activities that create new sources of income or increase those already being received; 4) the elaboration of a system of micro-insurance, with special reference to the health insurance sector; 5) contact with Western companies in order to verify whether they may be interested in transferring some stages of production processes to the Middle East.
Of course, these initiatives should be activated in close collaboration with the local ecclesiastical authorities and under the control of the individual Churches. Even if the results may be modest, they will still represent a concrete testimony to the closeness of Christians all around the world to the problems and sufferings of our brothers and sisters in the Middle East.

[00128-02.02] [UD011] [Original text: Italian]


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