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Intervention of Mr. Hanna ALMASSO, Member of the National Team of Leaders of the J.O.C. Dubai (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES), auditor

Allow me to take you back in time to look at the work and history of the hoped to be Doctor of the Church, Cardinal Joseph Cardijn. He successfully managed to link the working youth living in the midst of the industrial revolution to the message of our faith and into our churches
and communities through his method of "See Judge Act" used in the Review of Life and for Action Campaigns. Through this method young workers learn to evolve their whole lives by the light of the Gospel and become committed to act and start to build the kingdom here on earth. These formed young leaders reach out and become Catechists to other young people, which is exactly what is needed today and is written in the Instrumentum Laboris paragraphs 53, 62 and 108.The working circumstances in the Middle East, due to the technical revolution, may have changed many peoples way of working but the shape and the heart of the youth today remains the same and many of the underlying problems have not disappeared from our societies. They are in need of the same spirituality to keep them close to Christ and to help them see that the church is there to support them.
Cardijn's methods are available today in many Middle East countries through the work of many Catholic organizations like CIJOC, however, as we know from experience and as recommended in paragraphs 21 and 22 of the Instrumentum Laboris, these lay movements need to be supported and encouraged by all available means. We request the continued and increased support of the Church to assist all lay movements as here lies the promise of unity for the Middle East Churches through the work of the young people themselves.

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