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Intervention of Mons. Michel AOUN, Episcopal Vicar of the Archieparchy of Beirut of the Maronites (LEBANON), auditor

I firmly believe that this Synod could give an answer to our faithful’s expectations if it proposes strong pastoral programs for adults, which can lead our Christians to a mature faith, and which can help families in being the first school of faith.
It is true that every man needs security on all levels, but he cannot attach himself to his land if he does not have a sublime cause tied to his faith and to his existence as a Christian.
We often speak about the first community where we clearly see the united body which is none other than the mystical body of Jesus. Is it no longer possible today to favor the pastoral care that could help our faithful in understanding themselves as members of this unique body and where they could follow a path of faith based on the Word of God and the sacraments and experience the fraternal spirit between themselves?

The Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI never ceases to encourage the charisms that the Holy Spirit incites in the new ecclesial communities where the fruits are borne. Sometimes it is argued that these communities risk creating some division in a particular diocesan or parish body. Faced with this objection, I submit that communion is the condition for all pastoral success. Bishops and priests are first of all the guarantors of communion, and in the name of this communion, I would like this Synod to encourage a discernment of the fruits that these charisms bring to the Church and welcome them like a new springtime. This welcome should be in a paternal spirit and one of communion to help the faithful of these communities to integrate into the diocesan and parish ministry, to feel as fully active members of the one Body of Christ present in the particular Church.

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