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Ban of Christmas symbols: tip of an iceberg

Usually the decision to ban Christmas symbols is the tip of an iceberg , Monsignor Peter Fleetwood tells us in this reflection by the title of 'Mischief Makers ' :" A few years ago, it was reported that the authorities in a city in the heart of England wanted to abolish the term Christmas and replace it with a new one: "Winterval"- the winter interval. Some Christians were angry , but it was not their complaints that affected the authorities most. The local Sikh, Hindu and Muslim communities all said it was a ridiculous idea; they had no problem at all with the celebration of Christmas in a country that has a long Christian tradition. My own friends from other religions always say that they are impressed when they see Chrisitans who really believe in their faith and are proud to practise it. I have a similar approach . If I go into a mosque I observe the rules ; I remove my shoes and I do not pretend to pray like a Muslim , because that would really disturb people there. If I am in a synagogue I cover my head and am usually given a paper skull-cap to use while I am there . It is a privilege to be invited and a pleasure to see people happy in their faith. To be honest, it is sometimes relations with other Christian communities that are difficult. But in every case, where there is genuine respect for the other person's religious traditions, there are usually no other problems. That is because where there is respect and tolerance , there are no mischief makers.

Monsignor Peter Fleetwood's 'Mischief Makers', in a programme produced by Veronica Scarisbrick

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