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Bible exhibit opens in Vatican
4/3/2014 3:19:44 PM

Pope Francis’ Lenten Message 2014 : an invitation to self- denial and solidarity
2/4/2014 12:02:21 PM

Pope Francis: Communication must promote culture of encounter
1/23/2014 12:52:46 PM

New Document on Education and Intercultural Dialogue
12/19/2013 3:26:45 PM

Pope's Peace Day Message presented in Vatican
12/12/2013 12:09:06 PM

Apostolic Exhortation: The art of the homily
12/5/2013 10:33:12 AM

Exhortation: the inclusion of the poor in society
12/3/2013 3:29:54 PM

Papal Exhortation: Feedback to comments on socio-economic issues
11/29/2013 5:05:26 PM

Pope’s Exhortation: A rich and striking theology of dialogue
11/28/2013 4:18:06 PM

Joan Lewis: Evangelii Gaudium is "a programme for papacy"
11/26/2013 12:28:47 PM

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