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Monday 21 April 2014
12.00 From St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis presides at the recitation of the Regina Coeli

12.00 - Regina Coeli
Commentary in Portuguese for the Rome area on MHz 93.3 FM and via Internet

Programmes to Eastern Europe

12.00 - Regina Coeli
- International Sound for Central Europe on kHz 7.250 SW and kHz 11.740 SW, for Western Europe on kHz 11.740 SW and kHz 15.595 SW, for the Middle East, West Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa on kHz 21.560 SW, for the Rome area on kHz 585 MW, MHz 105,0 FM and via Internet

Programmes to America and Middle East

12.00 - Regina Coeli
-Commentary in Portuguese via Internet

Broadcast in Rome and Lazio

12.00 - Regina Coeli
-International Sound for the Rome area on kHz 585 MW, MHz 105,0 FM and via Internet

Español - Additional Live broadcast channel

Français - Additional Live broadcast channel

International Sound Channel

12.00 - Regina Coeli
-International Sound via Internet

English - Additional Live broadcast channel

Deutsch - Additional Live broadcast channel

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