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Pope Francis: Christians who fear the joy of the Resurrection

April 24, 2014: There are Christians who are afraid of the joy of the Resurrection, "we could say in good humour that they are bat-like Christians who prefer the shadows to the light of the Lord's presence". This was Pope Francis message during Mass c this morning at Casa Santa Marta, commenting on today's Gospel passage that recounts the appearance of the risen Jesus to the apostles. But the disciples instead of rejoicing are "shocked and frightened" thinking "that they have seen a ghost".

The Pope said, “Jesus tries to make them understand that what they see is reality, he invites them to touch his body, he asks for food. He wants to lead them to the "joy of the Resurrection, the joy of his presence among them". But the disciples - the Pope observes - they did not believe, they could not  ...»

Fr Lombardi responds to reports of Pope's call to Argentinian woman

April, 24, 2014: The director of the Holy See Press Office, Fr Federico Lombardi, has responded to widespread media reports about an Argentinian woman who says that Pope Francis called to tell her she could take Communion, even though her husband is divorced and they have not been married in church.

News stories earlier this week ran conflicting reports about the woman, Jacquelina Lisbona, who  ...»

Pope Francis meets Albanian Premier

April 24, 2014: Thursday morning Pope Francis received in Audience, in the Vatican Apostolic Palace, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Edi Rama, who subsequently met with Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, accompanied by Archbishop Dominique Mamberti, Secretary for Relations with States.

During the cordial discussions, the Parties remarked upon the good relations between  ...»

City of Rome gears up for the canonisation event

April 24, 2014: Amidst speculations regarding the number of pilgrims arriving in Rome, the city is getting geared up for this weekend’s canonisation of the two popes, John XXIII and John Paul II. At a press briefing on Wednesday morning, officials from the Diocese of Rome, the Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi and Rome's City Council provided some logistical facts and figures on how the Eternal City is  ...»

Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue greets Buddhists for Vesakh

April 24, 2014: The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue has released a Message on Thursday, addressed to Buddhists as they prepare to mark the feast of Vesakh, which is the most important of the Buddhist festivals and is celebrated on the full moon in May. It celebrates the Buddha's birthday, and, for some Buddhists, it also marks the Buddha’s enlightenment as prince Siddhartha Gautama  ...»

Pope’s thanks everyone who sent him wishes for Easter and feast day.

April, 23, 2014: Pope Francis thanked people from all over the world who sent him wishes for Easter and for his name-feast day of St. George on Wednesday, April 23. The Pope expressed his thanks at the end of Wednesday’s general audience, saying "in the past few weeks, wishes came from every part of the world for Easter and for my name day - today. Pope Francis was baptized Jorge, the Spanish for  ...»

Human Rights & Environment 
Syria: UN chiefs issue impassioned plea to save besieged civilians

April 24, 2014: Calling urgently on Syrian authorities and the opposition to allow aid access, end siege warfare and halt the indiscriminate bombing of civilians, the top United Nations humanitarian officials on Wednesday also issued a strong challenge to “those with the responsibility, power and influence” to find the courage to re-energize a thus-far failed diplomatic push to end the brutal  ...»

Marginalized Children Denied Education

April 22, 2014: School authorities in Northern India persistently discriminate against children from marginalized communities, denying them their right to education, Human Rights Watch said in a report released on Tuesday. Four years after an ambitious education law went into effect in India guaranteeing free schooling to every child ages 6 to 14, almost every child is enrolled, yet nearly half  ...»

Syria urged not to go ahead with elections in June

April 22, 2014: Spokesperson for Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Stephane Dujarric said at a press conference that the Syrian authorities are being urged by the United Nations not to hold presidential elections amidst the ongoing conflict and massive displacement of people. On Monday, the Syrian government said that the elections will be held on June 3. The country has been at civil war for three  ...»

Mideast patriarchs call for peace at Easter

April 21, 2014 - Catholic patriarchs in the Middle East, in their Easter messages, appealed for peace in Syria and expressed hope that the region would experience a resurrection. Melkite Catholic Patriarch Gregoire III Laham, who was born in Syria, said his country has "entered upon the fourth year of its way of the cross" but "will one day soon, we hope, reach resurrection joy." "I want Damascus  ...»

Kachin, Burmese Army raids rebel stronghold: thousands of refugees and humanitarian crisis

April 15, 2014: Fighting has resumed in Kachin State, northern Burma bordering China, between the Burmese army and ethnic rebel militia Kachin Independence Army ( Kia) . The new wave of violence flared up on April 10 in conjunction with the launching of the Naypyidaw census and has already caused more than 3 thousand new refugees. The alarm is being raised by a group of local NGOs, including  ...»


The Vatican Radio started its English broadcast for South Asia in 1958, with a weekly 10-minute news transmission. Jesuit Father Thomas O’Donnell was its first Director and the broadcast was specially made for India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In 1964 South Asia got a boost when Pope Paul VI visited Bombay, India for the World Eucharistic Congress from 2nd to 5thof December. Consequently, in 1965 ...»


Pope Francis on 24 April 2014
A simple lifestyle is good for us, helping us to better share with those in need.

Pope Francis ‏ on 31 March 2014
Lent is a time to change direction, to respond to the reality of evil and poverty.

Pope Francis ‏ on 29 March 2014
We live in a society that leaves no room for God; day by day this numbs our hearts.

Pope Francis ‏ on 28 March 2014
We all need to improve, to ...»

South Asia 
Easter greetings from Indian President, PM

April 21, 2014 - The Indian President and Prime Minister have greeted the nation on the occasion of Easter wishing that the commemoration of Christ’s ...»

India is multi-religious because it is an authentic and healthy democracy says Pune bishop

April 16, 2014:"India belongs to people of all religions", and "minorities in the country should be protected and promoted. That is the test of an ...»

By following Christ's example, Nepal’s politicians can save the country says Apostolic Vicar of Nepal.

April 16, 2014: By following Christ’s example, Nepal's politicians can save the country, said the Apostolic Vicar of Nepal, Bishop Anthony Sharma. In ...»

For Sri Lanka’s bishops, Easter is a time of reconciliation for their people

April 16,2014: The bishops of Sri Lanka in their Easter message in Sinhala, Tamil and English, called on fellow Sri Lankans to search for "true ...»

Catholics initiate project to help blind people in Karnataka

April 14, 2014 - Some 2,000 members of a Catholic parish in southern India’s Bangalore city have pledged to donate their eyes marking the launch of a ...»


April 24, 2014: An outbreak of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) appears to be spreading quickly. In Saudi Arabia, 17 new cases have been confirmed, bringing the total number of infections in that country to 261, 81 of whom have died. In ...»

April 23, 2014: Teresian Carmelites in India have dispatched their first group of sisters to the United States. The small group of fours nuns are quickly adjusting to their new life in the Diocese of Bismarck, North Dakota, helping out in the ...»

April 23,2014 Speaking to Vatican Radio on Easter Monday, the Apostolic Nuncio to Syria, Archbishop Mario Zenari said that, in the Yarmouk district of Damascus, a neighbourhood of some 18 thousand people, in which the Nunciature is located, and in ...»

April 22, 2014: People across the world are being urged to speak out on behalf of Mother Earth so that she can continue to care for life as she has done for more than one thousand of years. The appeal comes from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in ...»

April 23, 2014: As the world observed Earth Day on Tuesday, April 22, the director of the national, ecumenical Green Church program in Canada said Christians have particular gifts to offer the environmental movement, namely hope, love and faith. “I ...»

Pope’s General Audience 
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Sunday Reflections 

Acts 10: 34a, 37-43; Col 3:1-4; John 20: 1-9

Egyptian pyramids are world-famous as one of the “seven Wonders” of the ancient world. But they are actually gigantic tombs containing the mummified bodies of Egyptian Pharaohs. Westminster Abby is famous, ...»

Is 50:4-7; Phil 2:6-11; Mt: 21: 1-11 & 27:11- [54] 66
On Marco Polo's celebrated trip to the Orient, he was taken before the great and fearsome ruler, Genghis Khan. Now what was Marco Polo supposed to do before this mighty pagan conqueror? One false ...»

Ez 37:12-14; Rom 8:8-11; Jn 11:1-45
Robert McAfee Brown was a chaplain in World War II. He was on a troop ship with 1,500 Marines on their way home after having served in Japan. To his surprise, he was approached by a group of Marines asking him to ...»

I Sam 16:1b, 6-7, 10-13; Eph 5:8-14; Jn 9:1-41
The book God’s Annoying Love for Imperfect People by Michael Yaconeli tells the story of a man recently converted to Jesus and how an unbelieving friend sought to “see” why. “So you have been converted ...»

Ex 17:3-7; Rom 5: 1-2, 5-8; Jn 4: 5-42Rev. Randall D. Bell tells a powerful story about a pastor who stood in court beside a member of his congregation--an individual who had been “out with the boys,” and had had too much to drink. As he was ...»

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