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Christians worldwide called to pray for Syria

(Vatican Radio) Christian churches worldwide are being urged join an international mobilization effort, May 11, to pray for peace in Syria.

“On Saturday, May 11, Christians of all denominations will gather in prayer to petition God to grant his mercy on Syria and to bring an end to violence,” reads a message issued by the Syrian Christian community.

The prayer is focused on four main intentions: the return of peace, the liberation of all hostages, assistance for all children traumatized by the war, and humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees and displaced people.

In Syria, since it is too risky for people to move within the combat zones, Christians will hold local prayer gatherings in homes, churches and other meeting places, the message says. This is the first interdenominational prayer initiative in Syria.

Given devastation and the tens of thousands of deaths the two-year civil war has wreaked, the World Day of Prayer for Peace in Syria has also been informally termed “the prayer of a broken heart”.

“Peace in Lebanon, Syria and the Holy Land is a requirement for regional and international peace,” said Patriarch Gregory III Laham of the Church of Antioch in appealing for participation in the day of prayer. Peace allows for coexistence and human freedom, he said.


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