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Pope Francis dedicates Wednesday general audience to UN's World Environment Day

The culture of Waste has the tendency to treat persons as if they were garbage. Pope Francis said this in his catechesis during Wednesday’s general audience which he dedicated to the environment. The pope’s teaching was in accordaince with the the UN’s World Environment Day observed on June 5th. Addressing the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s square, Pope Francis said that “When we speak of the environment, of creation, my thoughts go to the first pages of the Bible in the Book of Genesis, which affirms that God puts man and woman on earth 'to cultivate and care for it'. The holy father then asked, “What does it mean to cultivate and care for the earth? Are we truly cultivating and caring for creation? Or are we exploiting and neglecting it?” Pope Francis then made a comment to the effect that people have lost that charge given to us by God and instead money is in control. Emmer McCarthy has this report. RealAudioMP3


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