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U.S. Bishop Richard Pates on likely impact of papal visit to Holy Land

Poster of Pope Francis in Jerusalem - AFP

Poster of Pope Francis in Jerusalem - AFP

22/05/2014 13:07

(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis begins a 3 day pilgrimage to the Holy Land this weekend that will take him to Jordan, Israel and Palestine.  But what is likely to be the impact of this papal visit, especially when it comes to the faltering Palestinian-Israeli peace process?


That was the question Susy Hodges put to U.S. Bishop Richard Pates of Des Moines during a pilgrimage by Catholic Bishops to the Holy Land earlier this year. 


Listen to the brief interview with Bishop Richard Pates:


Bishop Pates says he’s convinced Pope Francis’ visit will help provide “clarity” when it comes to the quest for peace as he “will not escape the issues" but "address them from a human perspective.”

22/05/2014 13:07