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Nepal's Christians, Hindus demand Christian cemetery

Nepal's Christians, Hindus demand Christian cemetery - EPA

Nepal's Christians, Hindus demand Christian cemetery - EPA

30/05/2014 16:34

Hundreds of Christians and Hindus in the Nepali capital, Kathmandu attended the funeral of a Catholic and peacefully demonstrated calling on authorities for a burial ground for Christians.   The funeral procession of Rajendra Rai, a 49-year old Catholic official of the local Caritas, to the place of his cremation, one again brought to the fore the issue of the need for a burial site for the Christians of Nepal.   The issue has been going on for some time, and even sparked violent protests in the past.    After the funeral in the Cathedral of the Assumption in Kathmandu, the interfaith procession followed Rai’s body to the Bagmati river where Hindus cremate the bodies of the dead.  Gyan Rai, brother of the deceased, told AsiaNews: "Although we are sad for the loss, it is comforting and nice to see this great mass of people at the funeral. Hopefully the government will listen to us".  The debate over burial sites for the Christian minority and tribal Kirlti (who don’t cremate their dead)  has been ongoing for decades. Hindus cremate their dead and do not understand the need of minorities to bury their dead.  (Source: AsiaNews)

30/05/2014 16:34