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Pope Francis in Korea: Global tweets show mixed interest

Pope Francis during 14-18 August 2014 to Korea - REUTERS

Pope Francis during 14-18 August 2014 to Korea - REUTERS

22/08/2014 12:01

(Vatican Radio)  If social Tweets are anything to go by, China, North Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia displayed little to no interest in Pope Francis’ recent trip to Korea.  According to the Italian research firm Datalytics which analyses global Tweet data, the four Asian countries “almost completely” failed to comment on the August 14-18 trip on Twitter.

Listen to Tracey McClure's report:

Twitter is the only social platform that can currently be “mined” for data to see trends in social conversations in real time, as events are happening. On its Tweet geolocation finder, Datalytics has placed a sole marker beneath China’s southern edges, indicating that anywhere from 10-1000 tweets emanated from Hong Kong.   One single marker also indicated some activity in the former Soviet state, Republic of Moldova.

Of the 55,000 tweets exchanged across the globe during the five day trip, the Philippines represented the liveliest chatters in Asia together with western and southern India and Malaysia.  South Korea, where Pope Francis celebrated mass for tens of thousands of Asian Catholics and attended Asian Youth Day celebrations, registered far fewer tweets than the heavily Catholic Philippines.

North America and Europe enjoyed the lion’s share of comments while South and Central America appeared to show little interest in the papal visit to Asia, with a meagre number of tweets in the Pope’s native Argentina, and in Peru, Colombia and Brazil.

In the Middle East, numerous tweets were registered in the Holy Land, Jordan and Lebanon, but also in the Gulf – multiple tweets were revealed in Qatar and in Medina, Saudi Arabia - possibly indicating chatter from the large communities of Filippino and Asian migrants working in the predominantly Muslim nations.

For more information: Twitter: @DatalyticsIT.


22/08/2014 12:01