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Cardinal Tagle urges Filipinos to be realistic about Pope’s age during visit ‎

 Philippine Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Archbishop of Manila.  - AP

Philippine Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Archbishop of Manila. - AP

31/10/2014 16:08

Philippine Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle on Thursday urged the many groups in the country anticipating a meeting with Pope Francis during his visit to the country in January to be "realistic" about the pontiff’s availability and ability to travel.  “Many are requesting for the pontiff to visit this and that community or attend this and that event,” Cardinal Tagle, Archbishiop of Manila  said during a media briefing in the capital.   He urged all to be realistic given the 77 years of the Argentine Pope who will be travelling a lot.   The prelate urged his countrymen not to “feel bad” if they don’t get the opportunity to meet Pope Francis.  The Pope’s full itinerary in the Philippines has yet to be determined, Cardinal Tagle said, expecting it to be available by late November or early December.  Pope Francis is scheduled to visit the Philippines January 15-19, in the second leg of his Asian trip, after his visit to Sri Lanka Jan13-15.  (Source: UCANews)

31/10/2014 16:08