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Abp Ganswein: Benedict XVI prayerful at 88

Archbishop Georg Ganswein and Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI - REUTERS

Archbishop Georg Ganswein and Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI - REUTERS

15/04/2015 13:33

(Vatican Radio) The Prefect of the Papal Household and private secretary to Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI, Archbishop Georg Ganswein, has given an in-depth interview to Italian television, in which he discusses issues ranging from the the current Pope’s concern for persecuted Christian faithful, to the Church’s discernment of miracles, and the former Pope’s ongoing dialogue of prayer, in preparation for his meeting with Our Lord.

Archbishop Ganswein told Mediaset’s La strada dei miracoli programme, “It is clear that a man who soon will turn 88 should be thinking about this.” He continued, “His is a Christian art – because preparing for death means preparing to meet the LORD, and this is a decisive meeting.”

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The German archbishop also talks about the threats of Islamic fundamentalists Isis addressed to Pope Francis. “The Pope is not afraid for himself,” said Archbishop Ganswein. “He does have concern for the faithful, and these threats [against them] must certainly be taken seriously.”

Archbishop Ganswein’s conversation also touched on the topic of miracles, which is the central focus of the Italian programme. “I believe that faith produces miracles,” said Archbishop Ganswein. “The important thing with these phenomena,” he explained, “is to distinguish properly the false from the true – the [pseudo]-mysticism from the true miracle. There are many cases of apparitions and private revelations,” he said, “I am therefore quite cautious personally,” when it comes to such matters.

The first episode of La strada dei miracoli aired on Tuesday evening, two days ahead of Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI’s 88th birthday, on April 16th.

15/04/2015 13:33