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Australian Archbishop defends traditional marriage

Archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher, OP

Archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher, OP

16/07/2015 15:28

(Vatican Radio) The Archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher, OP, reaffirmed the Church’s teaching on Marriage during the Archdiocese’s Annual Marriage Mass with Renewal of Vows on August 12.

The Australian prelate said what is special about authentic marriages “is that they bring together for life people of opposite sex, of complementary sexuality, as 'man and wife', hopefully to found a family, the fundamental cell of Church and society, and to give their all to that end, exclusively and for life.”

He said this there “voices in our culture that no longer think marriage need be for life, or be open to children, or be exclusive, or be between man and wife.”

“They write off as benighted and bigoted those who stand by marriage as traditionally understood,” said Archbishop Fisher.

“This can be an uncomfortable position, for some politically, culturally and commercially powerful forces are determined to silence any alternative to the politically correct position in this matter; to bully us all into accepting the deconstruction and redefinition of a fundamental institution; and to relegate questions of what marriage is and is for as secondary to an homogenizing 'equality'.”

The Archbishop called true marriage “a form of preaching and therapy.”

“It wordlessly bears witness to the Christian understanding of the human person and society, of our God-given mission to love not just with a self-serving, romantic, heart-shaped Valentine's Day sort of love, but with a self-giving, redemptive, cross-shaped Easter Day sort of love,” he said.

16/07/2015 15:28