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Ghanaian, Egyptian, and Nigerian kidnapped by Islamic state

Islamic State (IS) group fighters in Libya - AFP

Islamic State (IS) group fighters in Libya - AFP

21/07/2015 11:37

Islamic militants (IS) announced Sunday on social media that they had kidnapped three Christian Africans in Libya: A Ghanaian, an Egyptian, and Nigerian. The Ghanaian held in Libya by militants has since been named as Kofi Frimpong Sekyere, born in Accra.

According to the Church wire service, Agenzia Fides the kidnapping took place on 11 July, but was only confirmed Sunday by Mohammed Hijazi, a military spokesperson of the Libyan government in Tobruk.

The abduction of the men took place in the area of Nufliyah, south of Sirte. It is an area considered a stronghold for jihadist groups. The Islamic State militants posted identity documents of the three kidnapped men, without giving further details.

According to Egyptian sources quoted by Agenzia Fides, there are ongoing efforts to investigate the possibility of obtaining the release of the hostages by paying ransom.

In January, IS kidnapped 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya’s city of Sirte and released a video of their beheading in February.

(Source: Agenzia Fides)

21/07/2015 11:37