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Pastors in Zambia advised to stop misleading people with HIV/AIDS

Girls speaks about HIV/AIDS - REUTERS

Girls speaks about HIV/AIDS - REUTERS

28/07/2015 11:40

A leading Evangelical pastor has challenged Zambian Pastors to desist from misleading people living with HIV/AIDS by advising them to stop taking medication. This is according to Monday’s Post newspaper of Zambia.

Former Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) President, Bishop Paul Mususu said that his organisation is disappointed with the manner some clergymen were misleading people living with HIV/AIDS by ill-advising them to stop taking medication. Bishop Paul Mususu says some of these members of the clergy have caused deaths because of misinforming patients that only taking anointing water and not medication would heal them.

 “I am sorry to say this but some ‘foolish clergy’ have caused more deaths by telling patients to only take (anointed) water from Nigeria and forsake taking medication,” he said. Bishop Mususu appealed to pastors to stop misleading people because God gives wisdom to heal and not to kill.

Some people living with HIV/AIDS have died after they stopped taking life-saving antiretroviral medicines in the belief that God had healed them after prayers with pastors.

Bishop Paul Mususu was speaking in Kasempa district of Zambia, located in Northwestern Province. The Bishop made his comments during the third combined graduation ceremony for Mukinge, Solwezi and Kaleni nursing schools. He also urged the 124 graduating nurses to stick to providing health care than their personal beliefs. 

(Source: Sheila Nakazwe, The Post Newspaper Zambia) 

28/07/2015 11:40