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Cardinal Tagle: Eucharistic Congress will bring "hope and unity"

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Archbishop of Manila - ANSA

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Archbishop of Manila - ANSA

13/08/2015 15:52

(Vatican Radio) The Archbishop of Manila, Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, said he believes that hope and unity will be introduced into the country following the 51st International Eucharistic Congress (IEC),  which is due to take place in the historic city of Cebu between the 24th and 31st of January, 2016.

According to Cardinal Tagle, the IEC, along with the Catholic Church and the faithful, had the potential to pave the way for communion, hope and unity.

Speaking on Wednesday, during a press conference on the 51st IEC at the Archbishop’s Residence in Manila, Cardinal Tagle said that the Eucharistic Congress will help the Catholic Church, and especially the Church in the Philippines, to conduct a “regional and international search for Communion”.

Cardinal Tagle warned, because “we have also a lot of wars, battles and constant terrorism,” people are easily losing hope, despite being part of congregations which gather regularly.

However, he added that “there is [a] hopeful declaration where Christians find hope with Jesus.”

In addition, Cardinal Tagle urged people to not get discouraged when they feel that no one considers them, because “Jesus is with us”, and “if nobody is there with you, Jesus is there all the time.”

The Cardinal said until “God is with us, there is hope!”

Cardinal Tagle concluded by emphasizing that this very hope should represent a “mission for each and every Philippine to work together.”

13/08/2015 15:52