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Guatemala holds Presidential election

Women queue at a polling station in San Juan Sacatepequez, 40 Km west of Guatemala Cit - AFP

Women queue at a polling station in San Juan Sacatepequez, 40 Km west of Guatemala Cit - AFP

06/09/2015 16:43

(Vatican Radio) Guatemalans are today going to the polls to choose a new President.

The election is overshadowed by a scandal which sees the last President elected accused of corruption and held in jail, after resigning.  

James Blears reports about a hard test of political faith
By the end of the day, we'll have a better idea of just how many Guatemalans have retained faith in the political system which has been badly shaken by the resignations of President Otto Perez Molina and Vice President Roxanna Baldetti, due to a Customs corruption scandal, which kicked in reared up and metaphorically kicked them in the teeth. 

Both languishing in jail, deny wrong doing.
Of the 14 main candidates,  several have emerged as front runners.  

Manuel Baldizon a lawyer and a businessman, who wants to reform election laws, combat corruption and crack down on crime.  

Actor and comedian Jimmy Morales who's slogan is: "Neither corrupt nor a thief." He has no previous political experience, yet he does have a business administration diploma.  He  played a clueless cowboy who accidently becomes President.  He does have a number of novel ideas like distributing Smartphones to all children.  

Former first Lady Sandra Torres, who's divorced from former President Alvaro Colom. She's advocating a coalition government.  

And then there's Zulina Rios the daughter of former Dictator Efrain Rios. She points to her 16 years of experience in Congress.
All might do well to follow the example of Interim President, 79 year old Alejandro Maldonado.  He's donating 100 perent of his salary to help feed the elderly. 

06/09/2015 16:43