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Pope urges closer cooperation to tackle climate change

Pope Francis  - AFP

Pope Francis - AFP

11/09/2015 11:43

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Friday greeted participants at an international meeting of the Foundation for Sustainable Development which is focused on environmental justice and climate change. Noting the grave threats that our environment is facing today, the Pope stressed that the poor are always those who suffer most from the consequences of climate change.

Listen to Philippa Hitchen's report: 

The issue of climate change is a question of justice and solidarity, Pope Francis said, which affects the dignity of individuals, communities and nations. Science and technology, he continued, have placed in our hands unprecedented power: it is our duty to humanity, and in particular towards the poor and the future generations, to use it for the common good.

Pope Francis stressed that every one of us is called to react personally and responsibly to the challenge of climate change – not offering unrealistic solutions, but responding to the best of our abilities in the family and the workplace, in civil society and within economic or research institutions. We can only achieve results by working together for the common good, he said, praising the organisers of the meeting for bringing together participants from the different sectors of religion, politics, economics, social and scientific research.

In view of the crucial upcoming meetings on climate change and sustainable development – at the UN in September and in Paris in December – the Pope said we must step up this dialogue to create an “authentic alliance” that can bring about effective environmental agreements.

11/09/2015 11:43