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Guatemalan comedian elected president

Guatemalan president-elect Jimmy Morales at a press conference - EPA

Guatemalan president-elect Jimmy Morales at a press conference - EPA

26/10/2015 18:30

(Vatican Radio)  A former televison comedian in Guatemala who played a gormless cowboy that became President, now gets to play the part for real, as he has been elected to lead the country.

Listen to James Blears' tale of truth which is stranger than fiction:

This success story has less to do with fiction and more to do with friction.

In a backlash reaction, Guatemala's electorate have cast their votes for Jimmy Morales, a former televison comedian.

Last month then President Otto Perez Molina resigned and has been charged with corruption, which he denies.

So, Jimmy answered the call for the job.  No previous experience needed - political spin doctors NOT welcome.  He comes to the job with a business administration degree, a sense of humor, and a burning desire to stamp out graft.

In Haiti, former Singer Michel Martelly swopped musical notes for Presidential overtures and now he's bogged down with reams of paperwork, although he's almost completed his term.

Jimmy Morales' manifesto was only six pages long, although its bigger than his curriculum.  However, it was enough to defeat former First Lady Sandra Torres.

In the second round runoff he got 67.4 percent, while she received 32.6 percent.

Yet, Jimmy might have to grin and bear it, as his National Convergence Party's only has a minority postion in Guatemala's Congress.

So, now its time to transform fiction into reality, comedy into current affairs. Finally, the laugh is on him!

26/10/2015 18:30