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Young choristers in Rome to “sing out their hope”

Logo of the 40th International Congress of Pueri Cantores - RV

Logo of the 40th International Congress of Pueri Cantores - RV

28/12/2015 15:29

(Vatican Radio) Thousands of young singers from across the globe are gathered in Rome for the 40th International Congress of Pueri Cantores.

The International Federation of Pueri Cantores, founded in the twentieth century, is founded on the deep ancient Christian conviction that singing is an instrument that can be used to worship God, a tool with which to preach the Gospel and a means of spiritual and moral development.

The six-day festival which sees youth choirs from different nations joining together to sing the Glory and Peace of God culminates on January 1 with some of them participating in New Year’s Day Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica.

The motto of the Congress this year is “Cantate spem vestram! Sing out your hope!” It expresses encouragement to the young singers as well as the spiritual wealth young people represent throughout the world.
The image chosen for the festival logo is a stylized design of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican colours: yellow and white.

The Basilica, as if drawn by a child’s hand, is unfinished symbolizing children and youth who grow and are transformed. The lines of the design also develop and transform into the neumes of the “Hallelujah” meaning that when Pueri Cantores start to sing a beautiful harmony appears.

The Pueri Cantores coat-of-arms is inscribed within the contours of the Basilica, but slightly extends beyond illustrating the fact that while the Pueri Cantores movement serves the liturgy of the Church, it also aims to evangelize those who are outside of the Church.

The choirs participating in the festival are scheduled to sing in some of Rome’s most beautiful Churches and Basilicas during liturgical celebrations.

All singers will be received in audience by Pope Francis on Thursday, December 31.

28/12/2015 15:29