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Episcopal Council of Latin America : from Pius XII to Francis

Logo for the Episcopal Council of Latin America - RV

Logo for the Episcopal Council of Latin America - RV

08/02/2016 14:00

(Vatican Radio) From February 12 to the 17th Pope Francis is set to visit Mexico in the footsteps of  two of his predecessors to the See of Peter, Saint John Paul II who travelled there five times and Benedict XVI once in 2012. An Apostolic journey which marks the fourth time Pope Francis visits Latin America, whose Bishops are represented in a body by the title of Episcopal Council of Latin America and the Caribbean, more popularly known as 'Celam'.The current  President of this body is Cardinal Ruben Salazar Gomez, Archbishop of Bogotà Colombia

As we know Francis is the first Pontiff from Latin America and during his pontificate has kept in touch with representatives of this body which was first founded by Pope Pius XII in 1955. Veronica Scarisbrick delves into Vatican Radio's sound archives and comes up with recordings of this Pope’s radio message dating back to 1955, as well as sound relating to 'Celam' and the following popes: Blessed Paul VI, Saint John Paul II and Benedict XVI, now Pope Emeritus. So as Pope Francis is about to set off for a six day Apostolic visit why not listen to sound bites from our Vatican Radio archives relating to these popes and Celam. 

A programme presented and produced by Veronica Scarisbrick :

08/02/2016 14:00