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Rescue efforts continue in Taiwan after quake

Rescue efforts continue in Taiwan after quake - AFP

Rescue efforts continue in Taiwan after quake - AFP

09/02/2016 08:10

(Vatican Radio) Rescuers in Taiwan have pulled another three people alive from the rubble of a high-rise apartment building more than two days after it collapsed in an earthquake. More than 100 people remain missing following the quake in southern Taiwan on Saturday.

Listen to Alastair Wanklyn's report 

Ambulances took survivors from the disaster site ...they dug through debris after detecting signs of life in the rubble of a 17-storey building that collapsed.
 One woman recovered alive on Monday was found beneath her dead husband's body. Her two-year-old son is also dead, and five members of her family are missing.

Also pulled out alive on Monday was an eight-year-old girl.

Reports said a 28-year-old woman from Vietnam was thought to be alive but unreachable beneath the layers of broken walls and floors.

Taiwan's president-elect said her nation...will do what it can to help the city of Tainan.Although several buildings collapsed in the quake, nearly all the fatalities were in the high-rise apartment block.

Some said it seemed shoddily built. The broken walls contain large tin cans apparently cemented in to pad them out.



09/02/2016 08:10