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Caritas Bangladesh aiding survivors of Cyclone Roanu ‎

The wrekage left behind by Cyclone Roanu in Chittagong, Bangladesh.  - AFP

The wrekage left behind by Cyclone Roanu in Chittagong, Bangladesh. - AFP

23/05/2016 16:17

Caritas Bangladesh has organized teams to the rescue people affected by Cyclone Roanu that hit the coastal areas of the country on Saturday.  While floods ripped through homes, huts and buildings, and flooded the southern part of the country, rescuers managed to save thousands of lives. Operations are still in progress.  The death toll has risen to 26 dead and 500 thousand people were evacuated. James Gomes, regional Caritas director for the Chittagong district, told AsiaNews that the cyclone has destroyed the fishermen’s trade. “It will take a long time for them to recover losses”.  

Three days of heavy rain and winds up to 88 kmph hit the coastal districts of  the low-lying nation, affecting also the surrounding islands.  The violent cyclone arrived from Sri Lanka, where last week it caused dozens of casualties, most of whom were buried under a mudslide.   

Through the regional offices in Barisal, Chittagong and Khulna, Caritas has activated 246 planes ready to respond to emergencies in 16 sub-districts. Pintu William Gomes, a member of disasters department, claims she has trained and organized the work of various organizations, such as the Ward Disaster Management Committees and the support team for the dissemination of alerts, rescue and first aid.  James Gomes also reports that "the rescued people have claimed to have asked the local government for help, for food and other material. But still no one helped them. "  (Source: AsiaNews)

23/05/2016 16:17