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Filipinos preparing for Conference on New Evangelization ‎

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle at a Mass for organizers of PCNE3. - RV

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle at a Mass for organizers of PCNE3. - RV

09/07/2016 16:54

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle is expecting an “explosion of mercy” at the ‎‎3rd Philippine Conference on New Evangelization (PCNE3) that will be held in Manila next week. ‎This year’s theme is “Awa, Unawa, Gawa: The Filipino Experience of Mercy” and PCNE 3 is ‎recorded in the Vatican as an official activity for the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy.‎ 

The three-day event, from July 15-17 will be held at the University of Santo Tomas ‎Quadricentennial Pavilion in España, Manila. The Manila archbishop will be moderating a sharing of ‎personal stories of mercy and celebrating the Liturgy of Mercy on the first day, and giving the main ‎conference talk on “Missionaries of Mercy” on the third day.‎

Cardinal Tagle sees this PCNE3 as a way of going deeper into mercy. At the Mass for the ‎organizers, staff, volunteers and workers, he said PCNE3 “can be dangerous because it will ‎confront the facts.” “We talk about mercy, we proclaim mercy, but is our evangelizing mode, spirit ‎and action, all the structures that accompany them, are they bearers of mercy?” he asked. He lamented ‎the violence that has gripped the world in the past weeks alone: bomb attacks in Turkey, ‎Bangladesh, Baghdad and how much the world is in need of mercy and compassion.‎  (Source: CBCP)

09/07/2016 16:54