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Cardinal Tagle urges Christians not to condemn people

Card. Tagle concluding the 3rd Philippine Conference on New Evangelization. - RV

Card. Tagle concluding the 3rd Philippine Conference on New Evangelization. - RV

18/07/2016 16:11

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila has called on Filipino Catholics not to be quick in condemning anybody but instead ‘find gifts’ in people often discredited by society.  In his homily during the closing Mass of the 3rd Philippine Conference on New Evangelization on Sunday, he said that there many people who are being treated like worthless and no one cares for them.  “Let us be careful. The person we want to discredit might be a gift of God. You don’t throw away gifts. Gifts are treasured,” Card. Tagle told the crowd gathered at the UST Quadricentennial Pavilion in Manila.  The cardinal asked the people to be merciful like Jesus who sees a gift even in “wounded sheep”.  “Jesus sees a gift even in Judas,” he said. “There’s hope even in someone who had betrayed Jesus.”

Reflecting on the Gospel of John, the Archbishop of Manila said God does not want to condemn anybody, but rather seeks salvation of all people.  This means that Christians were also sent not to become signs of damnation but of mercy and love that saves.  The prelate became teary eyed when he recalled a Syrian refugee boy he met in Greece last October.  He was alone because his parents told him to go. “These are people who are thrown away by situations that they did not create, they did not intend, but they are victims,” Cardinal Tagle added. (Source: CBCPNews)

18/07/2016 16:11