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Olympic superstar trio make game history

Rio Olympics 2016 - RV

Rio Olympics 2016 - RV

21/08/2016 16:12

(Vatican Radio)  The Rio Olympics have seen a trio of superstars achieve the zenith of sporting brilliance.  James Blears reports that all of this done under the imposing statue of Christ the Redeemer,  in a fortnight which will forever be remembered in sporting history.

Listen to the report by James Blears:

So many tremendous performances in the Rio Olympics, but two competitors just seem to stand head and shoulders above the rest, creating waves and bolts of lightning.

Usain Bolt doing the treble in his third successive Olympics.  100 metres and 200 metres golds topped off with gold in the 4 by 100 metres relay. He achieved this last one just three days after his 30th birthday.  His tally of nine golds in three Olympics now equals that of Carl Lewis and Finland`s Paavo Nurmi.  As "Bolt of lightning" himself said in a matter of fact way: "There you go...I`m the greatest," But hinting at his retirement he  wistfully reflected he`ll miss the crowds.

Michael Phelps won four more golds in Rio, bringing his total for five Olympics to a staggering 28- 23 of these  are gold!  Winning the 200 metres individual medley, he surpassed the record of 12 individual Olympic titles, set by Leonidas of Rhodes in 152 BC. 

Yet Michael proved he`s but mortal by missing out in the 100 metres butterfly to Joseph Schooling of Singapore, to gain a silver in a three way tie.  Michael is without the greatest Olympian who`s ever lived.  Who knows if it`ll take another two thousand years for another athlete to win even more  medals  than him.

For Vatican Radio...James Blears reporting. 

21/08/2016 16:12