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Remembering Pope John Paul I

Pope John Paul I

Pope John Paul I

28/09/2016 13:52

(Vatican Radio) During his weekly general audience of September 28th 2016 Pope Francis welcomed the faithful from 'Pieve di Soligno' who'd come to Rome to mark the anniversary of the death of their beloved fellow countryman, the late Pope John Paul I. Veronica Scarisbrick places this pontificate into context and brings you echoes of that era.

Listen to echoes of the pontificate of Pope John Paul I, Albino Luciani, who died on the 28th of September 1978:

Scarisbrick's guest speakers in this programme include the late Cardinal John Patrick Foley, the late Ursuline Sister Kathleen England, the late Cardinal William Wakefield Baum and  Augustinian Father Prosper Grech, now Cardinal, who personally knew Albino Luciani in the years when he was still Cardinal Patriarch of Venice.  

Also to be listened to in this programme are sound clips of John Paul I speaking in English during one of a handful of audiences. Audiences during which his vocation to a pastoral and catechetical mission emerged as he spoke to the faithful of faith, hope and charity in a very gentle and personal manner.

28/09/2016 13:52