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Lay Community Founded By Ex-Gangster Brings People To Christ

John Pridmore speaks at a Saint Patrick's Community parish mission - RV

John Pridmore speaks at a Saint Patrick's Community parish mission - RV

15/11/2016 13:45

(Vatican Radio) Saint Patrick’s Community is a lay community focused on promoting the Gospel during parish missions in churches and schools throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The most famous member of the community is its founder, John Pridmore. He is an ex-gangster from London’s East End and the international best-selling author of From Gangland to Promise Land. After his conversion to Catholicism, he worked with Saint Teresa of Calcutta for a while. In 2008, he spoke at World Youth Day in Syndey.

Niall Slattery, who joined the community fourteen years ago, is a former football hooligan from London. He spoke to Vatican Radio’s Ryan Black about his life before the community, about how he became friends with the ex-gangster, and about how the popular parish missions are structured.

Fr Joseph Balmer is a parish priest in the Diocese of Paisley, Scotland. He has invited the community to his parishes three times. He spoke about the impact the missions have had there.


Saint Patrick's Community, based in County Leitrim, Ireland, strives to lead people closer to Christ through the Eucharist, Our Lady and personal testimonies.

15/11/2016 13:45