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Dr. Sea: Cameroon’s web doctor

Cameroon's web Doctor: Dr Susan Enjema Aweh  - RV

Cameroon's web Doctor: Dr Susan Enjema Aweh - RV

01/02/2017 09:56

Cameroon’s health sector has had its share of challenges over the years. For instance, according to statistics, there are only two doctors for every 10,000 people. Furthermore, a significant number of citizens cannot afford healthcare.

To address these challenges, Dr Susan Enjema Aweh widely known as Doctor Sea is working to transform the way people in the country access information about their health by giving health advice online. She uses short videos to offer information and advice on how people can prevent and manage diseases as well as receive treatment.

Despite Dr Sea’s helping the community, some physicians are sceptical about online healthcare programmes. Dr Tatah Divine, a doctor in the country, says “You really need a medical personnel, a trained Doctor to clerk you, examine and then maybe do some tests...”

Apart from having an online health program, Dr Sea also holds seminars and trains doctors for free. She also has a website where she publishes health articles. The doctor is working on plans to start filming videos in other languages such as Hausa and Swahili to educate and help more people.

(SIGNIS - World Catholic Association for Communication/Africanews))


01/02/2017 09:56