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Pope Rome University visit

University Roma Tre - RV

University Roma Tre - RV

17/02/2017 08:29

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis will this Friday morning visit one of Rome's three state run universities. The Pope will meet students and staff at the University Roma Tre which is located near the Papal Basilica of St Paul’s Outside the Walls.

Listen to Lydia O’Kane’s report

Pope Francis will depart from the Vatican at 9.45 Rome time this morning to travel to the University Roma Tre which not only has a reputation for its teaching and research, but is also known for its, so called “third mission”, which translates as an attention to the social problems of this capital city.

The Rector of the University and Architect Mario Panizza told Vatican Radio that he asked the Pope to come to this place of learning, taking into account the spirit in which it is working in its field.

Panizza adds, that they are one of 14 Italian Universities designing many schools affected by earthquake-affected areas in Italy.

In Rome too, the University has also started up a residential programme for students from various Mediteranean countries, actions he says that may seem small, but can be useful in creating a dialogue for those in constant conflict.

During his visit to the University the Pope will hear testimonies from a number of students , one of whom is Nour a refugee who is studying Biology at the campus. Speaking about his visit, she says, “I am Muslim, the Pope immediately showed himself to be open, with no prejudices, I like him a lot. He’s a real example.

The Rector, praising Pope Francis’ commitment to the most vulnerable in society says it’s an important lesson for the  student but also for educators.




17/02/2017 08:29