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Rock bottom for Syrian children

Syrian Children, the subjects of the latest UNICEF  report. - AP

Syrian Children, the subjects of the latest UNICEF report. - AP

14/03/2017 12:54

On 13th March, UNICEF released a new assessment of what it calls "grave violations against children in Syria." The report comes as the conflict in Syria enters its sixth year.

Entitled, "Hitting Rock Bottom" the report details a dramatic rise in violence against Syrian children, as well as increasing risks of them being used as child soldiers. The report goes on to illustrate the many problems faced by aid agencies trying to reach children in these situations, as well as new statistics, such as the fact that over 6 million Syrian children are now dependant on humanitarian aid for survival. A further 280,000 children are also living permanently under seige.

At the conclusion of the report UNICEF renews its calls for a political solution to the Syrian conflict, as well as an end to violence against children and assistance to host governments sheltering and housing child refugees and their families. 

14/03/2017 12:54