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Flavia Agnes' battle against domestic and sexual violence in India

Flavia Agnes (C) during a visit to Vatican Radio.  - RV

Flavia Agnes (C) during a visit to Vatican Radio. - RV

23/03/2017 16:30

Flavia Agnes is a noted Catholic women’s lawyer and rights activist who co-founded the Majlis Legal Centre in Mumbai, India, that campaigns for and provides legal aid to vulnerable women and children, focusing specially on domestic and sexual violence.  Herself a victim of a violent and abusive marriage for 13 years, she fought for her rights in the courts and then used this experience to help other women in similar situations, qualifying herself as a lawyer.  

Flavia who participated in the annual ‘Voices of Faith’ forum in the Vatican on the occasion of Women Day, 8 March, spoke to Vatican Radio about her efforts to bring women’s rights to the forefront of India’s legal system and in the Catholic Church. She also explained how the Church should change its attitude and approach to women and their issues.  She said much has changed in society and in the Church but there is still a long way to go.  Flavia first talked about the Majlis Legal Centre. 


23/03/2017 16:30