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Korean prelates discuss national reconciliation

North and South Korea Reconciliation

North and South Korea Reconciliation

26/05/2017 13:14

Korean bishops’ Committee for Reconciliation of the Korean People met on May 18 in Seoul to discuss future activities for national reconciliation.  The committee is optimistic about the future relations between the two Koreas under President Moon Jae-in.

Bishop Peter Lee Ki-heon of Uijeongbu, president of the committee, said, "After the election of new President Moon Jae-in, the atmosphere of our society changed. I expect the inter-Korea relationship will improve."

However, Andrew Cho Myoung-kyun, a consultant to the committee, was cautious. "It is true that the situation is capable of improving under new President Moon but we should remain cool," Cho told the bishops.

"Although President Moon has a positive view on North Korea, there are many diplomatic problems entangled therein including issues with the U.S., China and Russia," he said.

He stressed that ongoing disputes over nuclear weapons, missile development in North Korea and the deployment of THAAD are major adversities.

The committee will hold its annual symposium on June 1 to discuss how to solve Korea's division and create a peace agreement.

Addressing young people from Korea and other Asian countries during his visit to South Korea in 2014,  Pope Francis had said, that  the best hope for reunification of the divided Korean peninsula lay in brotherly love and a spirit of forgiveness.

The Korean bishops’ Committee for Korean Reconciliation is made up of five bishops from Gwangju, Chuncheon, Daegu, Uijeongbu, Waegwan Abbey and 17 other priests and staff members. The reconciliation committee promotes awareness among faithful through the widespread work of its local branches present in each diocese.

More than seventy years since the split, the Catholic Church has become the flag bearer for the potential reunification of the Korean people. (UCAN)

26/05/2017 13:14