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Venezuela: A humanitarian crisis

Protesters on the streets of Caracas - AP

Protesters on the streets of Caracas - AP

02/06/2017 11:57

(Vatican Radio) Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has pledged to hold a referendum on a new constitution he has proposed to try and quell two months of anti-government protests that have killed at least 62 people.

The move comes after criticism from opponents and some within his own government that his plan to create a constituent assembly, to rewrite the national charter was anti-democratic.

The Chief State prosecutor had said creating the assembly without a vote, threatened to "eliminate" democracy in Venezuela.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters, angry with the government have been taking to the country’s streets since the beginning of April.

People are experiencing acute food and medicine shortages and are calling for freedom of expression.

Carmen Hernandez, a Venezuelan who currently lives in Rome, spoke to Vatican Radio about what she been hearing from her country.


02/06/2017 11:57